Club Workspace is London's most innovative and exciting network of
start-ups and SMEs. Come and join us.

What is Club Workspace?

Club Workspace is a fast-growing network of creative
co-working business clubs, with exclusive locations across London for entrepreneurs and professionals alike.

With the choice of access to one or all business clubs, Club Workspace members receive access to free Wi-Fi in all venues, refreshments and access to a busy calendar of networking and business growth events. Members can also gain access to optional services as part of their package, including printing and scanning facilities, meeting rooms, lockers and a business mailbox.

Jon Slinn


Jon Slinn eats, sleeps and breathes tech. He's had success in the past and chose Club Workspace as basecamp for his latest project.

Asmaa Sharif

Relief International

Relief International are a worldwide charitable organisation that run their UK operations from Club Workspace. Asmaa discusses some of their great work.

Why I cowork

Big business ideas often have small beginnings… At Club Workspace we nurture small starts and big talents.

Work how you want

When it comes to small businesses, one thing never changes: every day is different. So when your business changes and grows, Club Workspace adapts to your every need.

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